Social and Environmental Sustainability are at the core of the Piece & Co. business, a catalyst for positive change and empowering women around the world through textiles and product.





We build long-term partnerships with artisan groups and small businesses around the world to create a global supply chain of sustainable jobs. 

Piece & Co.'s robust vetting process ensures all partners are committed to creating positive, measurable impact in the local communities, and also provides support, training, resources and oversight to do so.

Together our network of 5,000 artisans across 16 countries have made a best in class, socially responsible supply chain of textile and product manufacturing of unmatched quality. 




Piece & Co. is a member of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition and Textile Exchange. We have partnered with Elevate on social compliance projects, and work with partners that have obtained GOTS and OEKO-TEX certification. 

The Piece & Co. model ensures all of our partners have the resources and processes necessary to comply with these global strategic initiatives. 

We trace our product to the raw materials, test for restricted substances (RSL) and ensure no harmful chemicals are used in the process. All materials and products are guaranteed to meet international standards of chemical safety.